David Slusarick

Slusarick2David Slusarick

Creative Director / Television Team leader


David manages the day-to-day operations of Fayette County Community Television (FCTV), for which Coordinated 360 is the subcontracted operator.  Dave fosters community partnerships and assists each client in creating an innovative marketing plan using original TV programming, promotional spots, and strategically placed sponsorships intended to reach a target audience. Dave is the creator and executive producer of “Mission Field: Fayette County,” a documentary series profiling spiritual and community leaders of the region. Dave holds a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast News/Journalism, as well as a Master’s degree, both from West Virginia University. In West Virginia, he received awards for excellence as executive producer of a TV newscast that aired statewide, and as a news reporter for WWVU-FM radio, where he co-hosted and produced “Feedback,” an interactive news/talk show. Dave’s education and experience in assisting non-profit organizations and higher education institutions with planning, marketing, and execution of events has also made him a constructive member of Coordinated 360’s Event Management team since the company’s beginnings in 2005.