Commonalities Sponsorship

Did you know you can share your message with the world through radio and internet in 180-words for just $100? Rates are that affordable for sponsorship of Fayette County’s newest podcast – Commonalities.  

Debuting at 11:15AM on November 15th here on WMBS and online at or anywhere you download your favorite Podcasts, Commonalities is a radio show with new episodes ever Tuesday and Thursday at 11:15AM where guests find common ground through uncommon conversations. We discuss Politics, Religion, Finances – all the topics your grandmother told you not to discuss with friends. 

During each episode (online podcast downloaded or via WMBS Radio) you will receive three :60 second commercials. Your business will also be mentioned via Facebook @Matthew Dowling and on Twitter @MatthewDDowling each week.

Sponsors may use your own (supplied) existing :60 commercial for free. Or have Coordinated 360 produce one for you featuring a professional voice-over artist and bed music for just $99 (one-time fee, billable with first show sponsorship).

Time and space are limited if you want to start sharing your business or organization’s message in November 2022. Call 724-320-2212 or email before November 4 to secure your space. All copy for new commercials is due at the same time.