Disc Jockey Services

Choosing a DJ for your function is one of the most important decisions you can make to insure the success of the event. Everything else can be perfect, but if the music isn’t good, the party will fizzle.  Selecting the right DJ can be confusing.  There are over 80,000 DJs in America, all promising they’ll do a great job for you.  So how do you pick the right one for you?

How do you choose a DJ?  Probably the worst way to choose a DJ is on price alone.  Some DJs are more expensive than others.  Prices can range from $100 to $1,500 for a 4 hour event. That’s quite a difference, and it would be very tempting to choose the cheapest alternative.  If that’s all you can afford, than you have no choice.  But, consider the law of supply and demand.  There is a reason some DJs can charge more money than others. They are usually worth it. More expensive DJs tend to be the more experienced DJs.  They can charge more because they are in demand and they have a good reputation. When it comes to a special event like a wedding, or other types of parties, you want a professional entertainer.  As you speak with the DJs, pay attention to their professionalism over the phone, it tends to spill over into their DJ style.

Many DJs boast about the number of songs they have.  While variety is great, the fact is that they will only be able to play about 60 to 70 songs in a four hour show.  Having the right 60 songs is a lot more important than having 1,000 songs your crowd doesn’t want to hear.  After you tell the DJ what type of party you are having and who the audience will be, ask them what type of music they’d suggest. You should feel comfortable with most of his or her selections.

Finally, don’t try to sell your event short.  What we mean by this is many people, when they are putting together an event, will spend ten thousand dollars or more to rent a decent ballroom and have it catered.  People can spend thousands of dollars on the flowers, the cake, and the bridal party gowns/tuxedos. (Let’s face it; weddings or any event for that matter, are an expensive production.)  We have attended many functions in our lifetime, and rarely remember the room, or even the color of the gowns.  We might have remember the food, but definitely remember the Light Show and the Music.  So take time to consider what your guests will remember and talk about for years to come.  Don’t let the expense of your event cloud your judgment.  If a light show costs anywhere from $200 – $1,000, consider it money well spent.  Especially if the difference between having all the bells and whistles is around $100, you can’t afford to sell yourself or your guests short.  After all, you want the best for yourself and your guests.  Everyone will praise you when they are treated to the spotlight in a gala event.  The best is what everyone remembers!

A member of the Coordinated 360 staff or a particular DJ would be happy to address any of your questions, comments or concerns. Feel free to contact us at 724-550-4493.

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