Request Policy

A question commonly asked of our DJs is if they take requests or not. The best DJs will take requests from the audience and work them into their routine, as our DJs do. However, it is not reasonable to expect the DJ to play every request.  Many requests are simply inappropriate for the mood of the event.  A good DJ is not a jukebox.  He or she will blend requests with songs he or she feels will properly motivate the crowd.  Instinctual timing is critical in the art of DJ’ing and this takes experience.  Forcing a DJ to ignore his or her instincts by making them play every request will result in an “uneven” party.

On the other hand, our DJs try to play as many of your audience’s requests as possible.

We also encourage our clients to supply us with a list of 10 or 15 songs you “must have” for your event.