Empowered in Pittsburgh


Product Description

Empowered in Pittsburgh is a book project designed especially for area college students, graduate students, young professionals, and lifelong learners. In Tom Baker’s third book (Get Involved! Making the Most of Yours 20s and 30s -2008 and Give Our Passion -2010) readers will learn from eleven standout community leaders about how they can extend their handprint in the community and feel more connected to likeminded individuals. The eleven co-authors have woven terrific best practices and strategies within their personal stories. Readers will be inspired by the unique ways they have made a difference and are making our area a better place to live and work. The co-authors who have experienced tremendous success in the business, non-profit, government, and arts sectors but through each story readers will also explore the authentic situations these individuals experienced and learn how, many times, they overcame obstacles in the process.  Release Date -September 6, 2012  

The co-authors and community leaders featured in the book include Emmai Alaquiva, Ashley Boynes-Shuck, Matthew Dowling, Daniel Giovannelli, Holly McIntosh, Penny Semaia, Doug Smith, Lindsey Smith, Kate Stoltzfus, and Steve Toprani.